Zhejiang Renown Auto Accessories Group  CO.,Ltd is a factory  which is specialized in car floor mats. The factory located in Zhuao industry zone,Zhejiang Province,Taizhou,China.The factory's area is about 65 thousand square meters.It is only 70 Kms from the Ningbo port,beside the Shangsan express road;
It is convenience for exporting.
We design and produce various car mats, door mats bathroom mats and plastic producets etc. We have got
the ISO9000 certificate and the quality of our products are under control totaly, the advance equipment and the powerful Design& Test Centre offer us much more frivolousness.
We pay attention to artistic design,elaborate quality and humanize service And we will do our best to
offer customer high quality and service.
We are always looking for the cooperation with you with heart.


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